Some Internet online resource are available only via the system web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera etc.). For example, you can log into or OpenAI's ChatGPT account only via the supported web browsers.

CafeTran offers the following solution to make use of the system web browser comfortably:
  1. Open your preferred online resource in your usual system web browser.
  2. In CafeTran, select "External editor" and "Copy source segments to clipboard" options via the Edit menu.

Then, observe what happens:
  1. Next segment action copies the source segment to the system clipboard automatically.
  2. Just paste the segment (e.g via Windows CTRL+V or Mac's Command+V keyboard shortcut) into the source editor in your system browser.
  3. If possible, edit the translation in target language editor on the website of the chosen resource. For any formatting tags, type the pipe "|" character inside the translated text.
  4. Then, click the Copy to clipboard button in the resource's editor if such a button is present. Otherwise, select the text and use the system copy shortcuts (e.g Windows CTRL+C or Mac's Command+C).

The last copy to clipboard action results in the following chain of events:

  1. The translation is transferred to CafeTran's editor automatically.
  2. At the same time, the transition result is added to the translation memory.
  3. Finally, the next segment is transferred to the system clipboard to paste it (e.g via the above mentioned paste shortcut) into the editor on the website.

All above happens as one action automagically! It means that in some cases you can bypass editing the segments in CafeTran altogether. Just use paste and copy keyboard shortcuts to transfer segments between CafeTran and the system web browser.

Of course, you may need to block the simultaneous next segment action. Then, uncheck the AutoNext box in target editor's toolbar in CafeTran. The AutoNext checkbox appears only if the "External editor" option is selected in the Edit menu. Blocking the automatic "Next segment" action might be useful if you also want to edit the translation in CafeTran's editor (e.g to place the tags in the target segment or add a term to the glossary).

If you work with two programs, it is ergonomic to have them both in one view. CafeTran lets you organise its editors layout to put the interface in the split view along with your system web browser:

  1. Select Layout 6 Compact via the View > Window Layout menu.
  2. Undock the Matchboard to the tabbed view by clicking its binoculars icon.
  3. Uncheck the "Horizontal editors" option in the View > Segment editors menu.

Finally, resize CafeTran's window to cover half of the screen. Also, both modern Windows and MacOS systems have a feature which lets you split the screen in half to see two applications in one view.