When the export fails, please perform QA > Tags check. Correct any tag errors and try exporting again. If it doesn't help, you may have changed the original source language document.

As you create a new project, CafeTran makes a copy of the source language document and places it inside the project folder, along with other project files. This copied source document should not be renamed or edited before the final export. If you happen to edit it in an external application and change its contents, please roll back the changes that you made in the source language document to return to its original state exactly.

If you wish to keep the changes in the source language document, you will need to replace the original source language document with its changed version as follows:

  • Go to the menu Project > Replace document... and choose the changed source language document for the replacement.

CafeTran will re-translate all the unchanged source segments automatically. You will need to translate only the new contents as well as those source segments which have been changed by joining or splitting. With the help of the project's translation memory which stores such segments as exact matches, it should be a smooth project update.