To edit a TMX memory:

  1. In the Dashboard menu, select Project type > Edit translation memory.
  2. Click the New button and select a TMX memory file. Alternatively, drag and drop the file onto the Dashboard.
  3. In the TM options dialog, click the OK button. The memory is loaded in the edit mode.
  4. Use the same navigation and actions (e.g. join or split) buttons as during the normal translation to enter and edit the TM segments.
  5. Click the Delete segment button in the target segment toolbar to remove the current segment from the memory.
  6. Use the Project source and Project target buttons in the search bar to search for words or phrases.
  7. Use the Filter or QA actions to filter out the segments based on the given criteria or perform QA checks.
  8. Check the Task > TMX memory menu for various operations on the loaded translation memory.