If you wish to create a translation memory out of the source and target language documents, use the alignment workflow offered by CafeTran.

  1. From the menu in the Dashboard toolbar, check Project Type > Align two documents.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. In the Project Configuration panel, type project's name and then choose your source and target language documents for alignment via Document 1... and Document 2... buttons respectively. Finally, press the Finish button to accept project's configuration.
  4. The documents appear in the split panel under the tab showing their names. Press the Next button to begin the alignment process. The first segment of the source and target documents will appear in the editors.
  5. See the alignment toolbar shown between source and target segment editors. Align the segments via Next segment, Join segments and Add segment actions either for the source or target language document. New segments will appear for their edition progressively.
  6. You can split the currently-edited segment by placing the cursor at the split positions of the source and target segment in the editors. Then click the Split segment button in the target segment toolbar.
  7. If your wish to apply the Next, Join or Add segments action to both source and target segments simultaneously, use the respective buttons in the target segment toolbar.
  8. When pressing the Add segment button, new segments are added to the opened translation memory. You can also create a translation memory at the end of the alignment via Project > Export and exchange > To TMX memory... .
  9. If you prefer, use the keyboard shortcuts for the alignment process. They are shown in the Alignment menu.
  10. You can make use of all your resources in the alignment the same way as you use them during translation.