Translators can use quite a lot of resources in their work. They can look up words in glossaries, search translation memories, browse web pages. Depending on the type of translation, some resources are checked more frequently than others. In CafeTran, it is easy to expose the primary resources by docking them to the various parts of the user interface or joining them together in one view.

  1. Right-click at the title of the resource tab.
  2. To dock a tab, choose a docking  location via the "Dock tab to..." menu item.
  3. To join the currently-selected resource tab to another tab, choose the "Join tabs..." menu item.
  4. To undock the docked tab, hover and click the resource icon next to the resource name.
  5. To disjoin tabs, right-click at the joined tabs title and select "Disjoin tabs" action.