As you take each new segment for translation, CafeTran (or rather your computer) performs some really intensive processing operations in the background. It may result in greater power consumption of your laptop and lower its running time in the battery mode. The following tips can reduce the background processing and prolong the time of work on the battery.

  1. Run the Translate > Preliminary Memory Matching at the start of the new project. Here CafeTran performs most of the processing on all segments in one go.
  2. Recall the needed segments for translation from the "Total Recall" system instead all loading them all from a TMX file.
  3. Limit the number of the displayed segments (the current context) in the Project segments pane via Edit > Preferences > General > Project Page Size (to 10 or 20 translation units).
  4. Increase automatic background saving intervals for Project segments, Memories and Glossaries in Edit > Preferences > Workflow > Autosave project/memory/glossary fields (from 20 to 50 segments/entries).
  5. Turn off virtual matching that generates memory hits dynamically by switching from "Fuzzy & Hits" to "Fuzzy" only in the "Memory matching type" options.
  6. Limit to the minimum a number of web resources used during the translation.
  7. Switch to Metal Look & Feel in Edit > Preferences > Appearance tab. Some Macbook users report a difference in CPU usage.