Anytime during the translation project, you can export your current translation progress to the original document format (e.g Ms Word) in the target language. To check the translation result in the original document format:

  1. Click the "Export" button in the segments grid toolbar or choose the menu Project > Export and exchange > Export current document.
  2. In the "Export" panel, click the "Export current document" button.
  3. Save the target language document in the Save panel.
  4. Click the "Open document" button to open the translated document in its default application if it is installed in your system.

With larger projects, the Export should be performed periodically. This way, you can save and backup your translation progress in the original document format.

You can also use the Preview current document function via the Project menu. It creates the preview of the document being translated. This option is faster to generate the translated target language document. However, it does not allow you to save it under the preferred name.