At the end of the translation project, it is worthwhile to check the translated text for any possible mistakes such double words, spaces, tags etc. To perform the Quality Assurance (QA) checks:

  1. When you finish the translation of the last segment, click the "Perform QA before exporting" button in the Export dialog. Alternatively, choose the preferred QA checks via the QA menu.
  2. CafeTran will filter out the affected segments for correction and set them into the QA workflow.
  3. Correct the mistakes in the displayed QA segments clicking the "Next segment" button to move from the previous  to the next QA segment.

You can also perform the individual QA checks any time during translation through the activation of the desired QA function in the QA menu. To return to the normal translation workflow with all the segments, please click the Filter icon in the segments grid toolbar or uncheck the menu Filter > Segments filter.