CafeTran provides a few methods to transfer the formatting (i.e. bold, italics and underline) from the source segment to the target segment. It is done by little red numbers called tags which you can see at the boundaries of the formatted words or phrases.

  1. On the keyboard, press a tag number which is displayed in the source segment, at the corresponding fragment to be formatted in the target segment, and then press the Esc key. 
  2. Or hold the CTRL key on your keyboard, and then click at (or select with the mouse) the corresponding phrase to be formatted in the target segment.
  3. Or press F3 (Fn + F3) keyboard shortcut to transfer the numbered tags to the target segment from the pop-up list.

If you wish to apply a format (i.e. bold) in the target segment which is not present in the source segment, select a phrase to be formatted in the target segment, right-click and then choose one of the available format types in the pop-up toolbar.

To let CafeTran omit some (or all) source segment formatting tags, select the "Automatic transfer of remaining tags" option via the Action > Tags menu.

See the other tag actions in the Actions > Tags menu.