By default, CafeTran offers the connection to MyMemory machine translation online service. You can also use other Internet resources during your translation. See the examples in the Resources > Web > Examples menu. The menu lists popular Internet resources for translators. By clicking at a web resource in the menu, you can open its tab and look up the words during the translation. CafeTran's web browser lets you connect to online machine translation services such as Google Translate, Microsoft Bing Translator and DeepL. To use the Internet resources:

  1. Go to the menu Resources > Web > Examples and select a web resource for help in your translation. When you start CafeTran again, the chosen Internet resources are shown in the Dashboard as well. Each Internet resource can be configured for your language pair.

  2. Click at the source language box on the page of the web resource to bind it with CafeTran's Translate button.

  3. Select a fragment in the current source language segment or type it in the Search field directly. Next, press Enter or click the Resources button above the Search field to look up the fragment in the opened resources.

  4. If you wish to translate the whole source segment through the Internet machine translation services, click the Translate button in the source segment editor's toolbar.

  5. To transfer a search result from the Internet resource to the target segment editor, just select it with the mouse. Click the Transfer MT button in the source segment editor's toolbar to transfer a machine translation from the MT service web page. With long multiline responds from MT, you need to select them with the mouse instead of using the Transfer MT button.