Exact matches are automatic search results for the segments with 100% accuracy, meaning that the source segment is the same as the source segment found in the translation memory.

Context matches are exact matches with additional matching of the surrounding context, that is, the segments which precede and follow the matched segment. If either the preceding or following source segment matches the preceding or the following source segment of the exact match in the translation memory, then such a match is called 101% context match. If both the preceding and the following segments of the exact match are in such an agreement, the match is called 102% context match.

Exact matching can be set as case-insensitive in the translation memory options. In addition, it can be set insensitive to differences between segments in certain punctuation characters such as the full stop, comma, exclamation mark etc. In both cases, the red warning "Different source" is displayed next to the match indicating that the two segments are not identical. The punctuation marks to ignore in exact matches are displayed in Edit > Preferences > Memory > Do not match field and they can be edited. 

CafeTran also compares the translation of the current source segment, if present, with the translation of the exact match in the memory. If there is a difference in the translation, the red warning "Different target" is displayed next to the match.

Exact and context matches are transfered automatically to the target segment box if the target segment does not exist yet. They are listed in the auto-assembling panel for the quick transfer by pressing the F1 key. Furthermore, the translator can fill the project segments with all context and exact matches at the start of the translation, by running the "Insert all exact matches" command in the Translation menu.