After the creation of the new project, the segments stored in Total Recall can be brought back to the working memory.

  1. Click Total Recall > Recall to memory... menu to open the Total Recall options panel.
  2. In the panel, select a memory table from which the segments will be recalled. You can also choose the recall from all memory tables that you created.
  3. If necessary, change the "Recall in context (hits per word)" value. This value sets the linguistic filter which analyses the current project, bringing back only the segments that contain words of the source document present in the project. The value determines the maximum number of the segments which are to be recalled for one word of the source document being translated. Checking out the "Recall in context" box lifts the filter completely and recalls all segments from the Total Recall table to the working memory.
  4. You may also set other preferences and filters to the recalled segments in the Total Recall options panel.
  5. Press OK to start the recalling process. When it is finished, a new tab with the recalled segments will be opened and the working memory is ready for all automatic matching and searching actions.