When you finish your translation project, the created translation memory is saved to a TMX file such as ProjectTM.tmx located in the project folder. You can reuse the TMX file in another project but more convenient solution is to store the segments of your project in a special memory system called Total Recall. It lets you build up your growing segments base over time and recall only the relevant segments for each new project. Think of it as the long-term memory which is able to bring the segments back to the short-term (working) memory used in the current translation project. Total Recall does not retrieve all the segments but only those which contain the words of your currently translated source document, making the working memory compact and fast. The recalled segments are used in automatic matching actions such as fuzzy and subsegment matching. They also take part in the auto-assembling process, concordance search and auto-suggestion. Finally, the segments can be saved to a TMX file and send to another translator who works on the project.