Source and target language document preview

Starting from CafeTran 11.2 version, CafeTran offers the real-time document preview using the installed LibreOffice suite in your system. Thus, you are able to see the currently-translated source language segments in the original document's page layout and format. Furthermore, CafeTran lets you switch to preview target language segments in the exported document during the review phase.

The steps to connect CafeTran with LibreOffice are as follows:

  1. Download and install the latest version of LibreOffice - Mac, Windows and Linux downloads are available. For Linux users, I recommend downloading it from LibreOffice site directly, rather than from your distro repositories.
  2. Launch LibreOffice.
  3. In CafeTran, go to Preferences > General tab and select LibreOffice in the Application connection field. CafeTran should detect LibreOffice installation directory and set the paths to LibreOffice in the Application connection panel.

After successful connection to LibreOffice, CafeTran opens a copy of the source language document for preview and highlights the currently translated segments.

If you wish to highlight target language segments in the exported document:

  1. Select the "Highlight target segments" option in the Resources menu.
  2. Open the exported target language document via the menu Resources > Open LibreOffice document for preview... .

Currently, the preview function works with one caveat concerning duplicate segments. As CafeTran searches for the current segment in LibreOffice document, it can highlight only the first segment found.  

Translation via LibreOffice editor

When CafeTran opens a PDF document (or other document formats edited only by LibreOffice), it switches to the translation mode with the help of LibreOffice editor. Then, the export of the translation is directed to LibreOffice transferring target language segments straight to LibreOffice editor.