The following MT services provide connection via their Application Programming Interface (API):

Once you obtain the API key from your favorite MT service provider, paste the key in the respective API key field in Edit > Preferences > MT Services tab.

The language pair of the MT service (if supported) is selected automatically by the language pair of your current project. In rare cases, when the project is created in another translation tool, you may need to choose the MT language pair manually via Edit > Preferences > MT services tab.

During the translation in CafeTran, the current source segment is translated automatically by the connected MT service. You can use more that one MT service at the same time. The translation is displayed both in the relevant MT service tab and in the Matchboard. To transfer the MT result to the current target segment, use either of the following methods:

  • Use the Transfer keyboard shortcut for your MT service displayed in the menu Translate.
  • Click at the MT result in the Matchboard.
  • Select with the mouse part of the MT result either in the relevant MT tab or the Matchboard.
  • Use prompter's auto-suggestion while typing.

Check for advanced MT options available via the right-click at the given MT pane in the tab. In particular, the "Automatic transfer to target segments" option might be useful.