CafeTran can integrate with Machine Translation resources available online via their Web interface. Currently, the following MT resources are supported:

To use a Machine Translation Web resource in your project:

  1. Choose it in the Dashboard > Free web resources and images panel. You can also choose it later via the Resources > Web menu.
  2. Open or create a new project.
  3. Start translation and use the "Translate" button in the source editor toolbar to send the current segment to the MT source language online editor.
  4. If the MT translation is satisfactory, transfer it via the keyboard shortcut displayed in the menu Translate > Transfer MT from web page - ALT+V. You can also select part of MT result with the mouse to transfer it to CafeTran's target segment editor.

You can work with more than one MT web resource simultaneously. Just select the tab with the best MT result and transfer it as described above.

The above-described integration with any MT online resource may stop working if the MT service provider changes its website.