Sometimes, the translator needs to translate a segment or look up a word while using an external program (e.g. a web browser).  CafeTran can transfer the text from external applications easily. You just need to copy a selected fragment using CTRL+C (Cmd+C on MacOS) shortcut. The copied fragment is captured and processed by the program automatically. To make CafeTran sensitive to copying from external applications:

  1. Select Edit > Clipboard sensitive menu option.

By default, the text is submitted to the Search field to perform the automatic search in CafeTran's resources. The user can change the processing type in Edit > Preferences > Workflow tab > Clipboard sensitive target field. There are the following options:

  1. Translate - the copied text is translated automatically with the translation memories and glossaries.
  2. Segment - the copied text is pasted automatically into the target segment editor (e.g. as a translation of the current segment).
  3. Look up - the copied text is looked up automatically in CafeTran's resources (the default option).

Tip: Consider detaching CafeTran's interface panels to arrange them with the external application on the screen as you wish. It can be done via View > Detached windows menu.