Currently, you can edit or translate the following file formats of the translation projects created in other translation tools:

  • sdlxliff
  • sdlppx
  • ttx
  • mqxliff
  • txml
  • xliff

Project Managers usually send such files segmented properly with the target language specified. If you receive and open an unsegmented file, CafeTran will show the warning message. Then, please consult with your client to receive the segmented file.

Note that the final export of the translation to the original target language document is done by the client who created the translation project in his/her tool.

The usual workflow translating external projects in CafeTran is as follows:

  1. Choose Project type > Translate external project from the Dashboard menu. Alternatively, click the "New" button in the Dashboard and select a file to translate.
  2. You can also drag and drop the file on the Dashboard instead of using the "New " button. If the source file is .sdlppx package, CafeTran unpacks it to the folder automatically. Please do not move or change the names of the unpacked files while translating the project in CafeTran.
  3. Translate project segments and perform QA checks.
  4. Click the Finalize button to set the translated status for the project segments.
  5. If you are translating a .sdlppx package file, choose Project > Export and exchange > To package... * to pack your project back to the .sdlppx package file. If you overwrite the original .sdlppx package file during the export to the .sdlppx package, please make sure that you have a copy of that original (untranslated) .sdlppx file, in case you need it in the future.

Please do not change the export folder for the package or the return package. The change will result in the wrong files in the exported package.