After downloading the CafeTran-install.jar file, it should launch by the double-click. Occasionally, the Java .jar files may be associated to run with other software. Please see this video on how to bring back the default .jar files association to Java and run the CafeTran installer.

If you have the latest Java installed and double-clicking on the .jar installer does not work in your system, please follow the instructions carefully:
  1. Right click (with the right mouse button) at CafeTran-install.jar file.
  2. In the context menu, go to Open with > Choose another app... .
  3. In the "How do you want to open this file?" panel, find Java(TM) Platform SE binary. You may need to scroll down the list and click "More apps" button at the very bottom of the list to find Java Platform.
  4. If you can find Java(TM) Platform SE binary in the above list, select it and check the box called "Always use this app to open .jar files".
  5. If Java(TM) Platform SE binary is not present in the list, please download and install it from Oracle's website. Choose 64-bit Java version for your 64-bit Windows operating system.

There are some programs that can break Java .jar files association (e.g. Nokia phone suite), which can in turn stop CafeTran’s installer from working. The quickest way to fix it is to download and run the Jarfix program to restore the default Java .jar file associations. After fixing it, run the CafeTran installer again.