CafeTran is able to bind to your favorite dictation environment. Below are the steps to connect to Google's Voice Typing tool available at Google Docs.

  1. Open or start a new translation project in CafeTran.
  2. Choose "Bind external editor" option from the Edit menu. The AutoNext function gets activated in the target segment toolbar.
  3. Switch to "Detached windows" view in the View menu. This view lets you align CafeTran interface with your dictation editor. 
  4. Open Google Docs editor in Google Chrome browser and align it with CafeTran interface as you like.
  5. Turn on Voice Typing tool in Google Docs and dictate the translation of the current segment in the editor. Any formatting tags seen in the source segment can be transferred from the external editor through the pipe character '|' in the dictated target segment.
  6. When the translation is ready, press the following keyboard shortcuts: CTRL+A, CTRL+X. You should notice that the translation is added to the translation memory and CafeTran moves on to the next segment to translate via voice.
  7. If you wish to switch quickly between CafeTran and the external editor, press ALT+TAB keyboard shortcut.

The above shortcuts can be grouped together in a .vbs file which may be clicked or run via the voice command on Windows as follows:

  1. Download and install VoiceBot application from here.
  2. Download and install the attached script file for your external editor.
  3. Create your profile in VoiceBot and add a new macro by clicking the Add button.
  4. In the Macro editor, type one of the following voice command: stop or segment.
  5. In the Actions panel of the Macro editor, click the Add... button and choose "Start program".
  6. In the Application panel, click "Select application" button and then click the Browse button to locate the downloaded .vbs file for your editor. Make sure that "All files" option is selected in the Application chooser otherwise you will not see the downloaded .vbs script.
  7. Click the Open button and then accept your choice by clicking the OK buttons.

Now the VoiceBot should be waiting for your voice command (e.g 'stop') and after hearing it, the next segment action from the external editor will be performed automatically.