The translators who like to keep their glossaries in Ms Excel spreadsheets can easily import their files into CafeTran. The Excel terms can be imported to the new glossary (e.g. ProjectTerms) or the existing one.

  1. Make sure the Project glossary is selected in the Glossaries (TXT) panel of the Dashboard. Alternatively, create a new glossary there for the new entries.
  2. In the Translation board, select the View > Show glossary menu to activate it.
  3. In the Glossary menu, click "Import MS Excel glossary..." and choose your Excel (.xlsx) glossary file for the import.
  4. After choosing the file, click the Open button. The Excel glossary entries are imported into CafeTran's glossary.

Ms Excel glossary terms for the import should be in the first two columns (the column A for the source language and the column B for the target language).