TM-Town is a web service for translators helping them match with their clients. It also offers lots of translation-related tools such as Translation Memories and Glossaries Management, Documents Alignment, Productivity Tracking and CAT Tool Integration. CafeTran is one of the first tools that can connect to TM-Town and use some of its services. If you wish to let CafeTran access your TM-Town resources, please register for a TM-Town account in your web browser. Next, follow the below steps to establish the connection between TM-Town and CafeTran.

  1. Check the services box in the "Other resources and services" panel of the Dashboard.
  2. The "TM-Town - Authorization" page will be displayed after a while.
  3. After signing in, you will see your TM-Town account details and the tab will open in the main interface where you can access and search your TM-Town resources automatically.