CafeTran offers several filters that the user can apply on the project segments. They are all listed in the Filter menu. After applying a chosen filter, the program sets the filtered segments in the workflow to navigate through them. To return to the regular workflow, click the Filter icon displayed in the grid's toolbar above the filtered segments.

Filtering on a phrase

One of the most frequent filtering operation is to retrieve the segments which contain a specific word or phrase and set them in the workflow.

  1. Type the phrase you wish to search for in the Search field at the top.
  2. Click either the PR source or the PR target button above the Search field. CafeTran will list the segments that contain the searched phrase in the source or the target language.
  3. If you wish to apply the filter on those segments and set them in the workflow, click the Filter button above the segments.

The segments containing the searched word will be filtered out and displayed in the segments grid along with their surrounding context marked by the blue border. You can edit the segments one by one using the navigation buttons in the target segment toolbar. To return to the regular (unfiltered) view, click the Filter icon in the grid's toolbar.