One of the most frequent filtering operation is to retrieve the segments which contain a specific word or phrase and set them in the workflow.

  1. Go to the Edit > Find... menu to open the "Find and Replace" panel.
  2. Click the "Segments filter" button in the "Find and Replace" toolbar.
  3. Choose a scope of the search (e.g. Project source or Project target segments).
  4. Type a searched word in the Find box and click the Find button.

The segments containing the searched word will be filtered out and displayed in the segments grid along with their context marked by the blue border. You can edit the segments one by one using the navigation buttons in the target segment toolbar. If you wish to filter on another word, just type it in the Search field on the Translation board and press Enter.

To return to the normal (unfiltered) view, click the "Filter" button in the grid's toolbar.