For each CafeTran project, the program can create a project specific glossary automatically. The glossary will be loaded and displayed every time you open the project for which the glossary was created.

  1. Check the 'Project Glossary" box in the Glossaries (TXT) panel of the Dashboard.
  2. CafeTran will create a new glossary for this project and you should see the Project Glossary tab in the Translation Board.
  3. Select a word in the current source segment and/or in the current target segment.
  4. Press the "Add term to the glossary" button in the target segment toolbar.
  5. Edit the new entry in the "New term" editor and press OK to add it to the glossary.

From now on, each time the term appears in the current source segment, its translation will be displayed in the glossary pane and Auto-completion function will suggest it as you type. The term can be also inserted into the target segment through the match bar on the Matchboard where the matched terms and fragments are arranged alphabetically.