The extraction of frequent words is a useful feature which enables to determine how often the given word or phrase is used in the project. If it occurs frequently, it is a good idea to add such a phrase to the translation memory so that its translation is produced automatically the next time it appears in the project. Then, the Auto-completion function will suggest the translation during typing and the Auto-assembling function will offer it as a match to insert in the target segment.

  1. Start a translation project.
  2. Activate the View > Task menu.
  3. Switch on the option in menu Task > Frequent Words > Extract frequent words from current segment.

When you go to each next segment, CafeTran will extract the list of the frequent words from the project that occur in the current segment. The number displayed next to the word indicates how many times the word or phrase occurs in the project. Click at the number to show (or filter) all segments with the frequent word.

Click at the Add button to add the word/phrase to the selected translation memory. The option in Task > Frequent words > Add frequent words to glossary lets you add them to your glossary.

The option in the menu Task > Frequent Words > Show only unknown frequent words lets you omit the words which are already present in your translation memories and glossaries. If your prefer to add the frequent words to a glossary instead of the translation memory, check the "Add frequent words to glossary" option in the Task > Frequent words menu.

Click the Search button to find the word in your resources.