Concordance searching enables you to look up words or phrases in all translation memories and see the results of the search in the full context.

In CafeTran, the concordance search is automatic. You can see the search results called the hits for phrases of the current segment in the translation memory tab and the Matchboard. In addition, you can perform the manual search in either source or target segments of the translation memories.

  1. If the Search bar is not visible, activate it via the menu Edit > Quick search.
  2. Select a word or a phrase in the source or target segment pane. Alternatively, type it in the Search field. 
  3. Click the TM Source button in the Search bar to search memory source segments.
  4. Click the TM Target button in the Search bar to perform the search in memory target segments.
  5. The segments containing the searched word are displayed in the memory tab. When you click at the segment number, the panel with the source and target text appears where you can edit or delete the given segment.

For convenience you can use the keyboard shortcuts for the search. They are shown in the menu Edit > Find at cursor > Memory source and target segments.