CafeTran provides a convenient workflow for the translation of short image documents with the use of your resources and translation memories.

  1. Scan or take a photo of a paper document to a .jpg/png/bmp/gif image file. 
  2. Drag and drop the file on the Dashboard or click the "New" button and select the image file in the File Chooser.
  3. Make sure that your image file type (e.g. jpg or gif) is selected in the File Type field of the Project Configuration panel.
  4. Click the Finish button to create a new translation project.
  5. In the "Translate a paper document" panel, click "Edit target segments" button. If you also wish to type the source segments, click the "Edit source and target segments" button.
  6. The view of the image source document will open in the tabbed pane.
  7. Translate a part of the image document such as a sentence or a paragraph in the target segment pane. Search your resources such as translation memories, glossaries or web resources to help you find the translation of unknown words or phrases.
  8. Click the "Next segment" button to translate the next part of your image document.
  9. When the translation is finished, click the Export button to send your target language text to Ms Word.

By default, CafeTran exports the translation to Ms Word for further formatting of the text. You can choose another application for the export in Edit > Preferences > Workflow > Image translation export to: drop-down list.