If you wish to find a phrase either in the project segments or other resources (e.g. a translation memory or a glossary):

  1. Go to the menu Edit > Find... .
  2. Set the default scope of the search (e.g Project target segments).
  3. Type a phrase to search for in the Find box.
  4. Click the "Find" button.

The selected scope of the search is kept after you close the Find and Replace panel. You can also use the Quick Search field at the top of the main interface to find phrases fast without opening the Find and Replace panel.

To replace the phrase to find with the replacement phrase, type the replacement phrase in the Replace box of the Find and Replace panel and click the Replace All button.

To control the replacement process, use the Replace & Edit function. It filters out and sets each segment with the replacement in the workflow so that you could edit and accept it by pressing the Next segment button.

CafeTran has a numerous search option which can be set for the search. They are listed in the Options section of the Find and Replace panel:

  • Segments filter - filters out the segments with the found phrase and sets them in  the workflow.
  • Whole words - finds only the whole words in the segments.
  • Match case - makes the search case-sensitive.
  • Preserve case with replacements - makes sure that the same case as in the found phrase is applied for the replacement phrase.
  • Extract regular expression results - lists the results of the regular expression search.
  • Segments number - enables the search for a segment number. Just type the number in the Quick Search field and press Enter to go the segment with the given number.
  • Multiple filter - allows to filter out the segments again, without resetting the results of the previous search results with the Segments filter option on. Thus, you can apply a few filters in the consecutive order.
  • Search operator (|+) - this option makes it possible to apply AND + and OR | operators while searching for more than one phrase at the same time.
  • Regular expression - turns on the search in accordance with the rules of regular expressions.
  • Prefix matching (%) - enables the search for phrases starting with the given prefix. The length of the prefix in percent (%) of the whole word's length can be set below this option.