The last step before you finish with the project is to store the Project translation memory (ProjectTM) into the Total Recall system. Then, you will be able to retrieve the memory segments for your next projects.

  1. Right-click at the ProjectTM memory pane and select "Store memory in Total Recall..." in the pop-up menu. You can also access it via the Memory menu.
  2. Since this is your first project, the dialog to create a new memory table in Total Recall base appears. Later, you will be able to add new memories to that table or create other tables to organize your translation memories.
  3. Finally, press the OK button to confirm storing the project translation memory in Total Recall.

You can bring back the segments from Total Recall into another project context. Just select the created Total Recall table in the Dashboard > Total Recall panel at the start of the project. The recall of the stored segments is contextual meaning that only the relevant segments for the current project's context are retrieved.

You can also recall the previously stored segments via the Translation board right-clicking at the ProjectTM (or another translation memory) pane and selecting "Recall memory..." in the pop-up menu.