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Modifier + click in glossary pane

Hello Igor,

Would it be possible to add an additional way to add terms to a specific glossary pane, without making any selection in the source segment or target segment (and without an existing selection in the target segment), by adding Modifier + click in glossary pane?

I now have to select (parts of) the source segment and target segment, before I can use this brilliant way of adding terms to a glossary, by simply clicking in the glossary's pane. So happy that you added this. A bit sad, however, that it wasn't my idea.



I really don't understand the issue. The request for the feature (Command + the left click at the glossary pane) has been implemented. Now, it turns out that your specific mouse configuration somehow conflicts with the new feature. Then why don't you adjust your mouse to it.  

Not sure whether my mouse configuration is "specific". Coming from Windows, I was happy that I could define my right mouse button as secondary click. My guess is that a lot of Mac users have set their mouses this way ...

Okay, I'll think about what to do.

The issue with not being able to restore 
CafeTran Espresso from a TimeMachine backup remains.

Please try again downloading the update file. The check has been added to make sure that the term addition action is triggered if you hold the Command key on MacOS while right-clicking mouse once.

I should say "left-clicking".

Thank you for this, Igor. That part works.

The part that still doesn't work is to use the context menu to change a read-only glossary to a write-enabled glossary. I only get the message:


Addition of terms still problematic:

The last made selection (either SL or TL) remains, the added term pair isn't displayed immediately in the glossary pane. Only after opening the context menu.

The conflict of the context menu pop-up with the new term addition via the left click + the command key on MacOS should be resolved now. Please download the update file and try again.

Thanks for you effort!

Almost fix now, one last glitch remaining:

If I select a string in the SL and one in the TL and click in a glossary pane, the selections aren't added as a term pair, like they used to be added before this update.

Yep, I know I'm asking a lot.

Please hold the modifier (Command) key while clicking.

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Thanks again, Igor. Brilliant!

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