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Modifier + click in glossary pane

Hello Igor,

Would it be possible to add an additional way to add terms to a specific glossary pane, without making any selection in the source segment or target segment (and without an existing selection in the target segment), by adding Modifier + click in glossary pane?

I now have to select (parts of) the source segment and target segment, before I can use this brilliant way of adding terms to a glossary, by simply clicking in the glossary's pane. So happy that you added this. A bit sad, however, that it wasn't my idea.



Double-click does the same.

That would be nice!

However ...

On my system, the number of entries in the glossary is inserted in the target segment:


Ah, you don't wish to make the selection in either source or target segment editor. Then, what are you going to add to your glossary exactly? Do you mean the whole segments? That would be weird.

Actually it wouldn’t be weird. I translate a lot of technical specs that are tables. A lot of cells that just contain 1 word.
The new feature would simplify addition of new term pairs from segments that only contain one word in the source segment.

Added in the 12.0.8 update. :)

Thank you very much, Igor!

Hello Igor,

I'm sorry to inform you that I'm having problems with this new feature ...

I'm using a mouse (Logitech MX Master 3S).

When I right-click on a glossary that is read-only, the context menu isn't opened. A message is displayed indicating that the glossary is read-only.

When I right-click on a glossary that is write-enabled, the content of the source and target segment is added and in 50 % of the cases the context menu is displayed.

Can you please fix this (or remove the feature)?

Thank you in advance!


> When I right-click on a glossary that is read-only...

That's to be expected.

> ...the context menu is displayed.

I haven't noticed it with the Command key. Here on my Mac, the context menu is shown only if you hold the CTRL key (but not the Command key).

Until 12.0.6 when I right-clicked on a glossary, I opened the context menu and could then make the glossary write-enabled.

Perhaps it is the third-party mouse? (I didn't press the Ctrl key, but I have configured the right mouse button as secondary click


, see image).

Anyway for now I have to return to 12.0.5.

BTW: I deleted the app and restored a TimeMachine backup of CafeTran Espresso. This resulted in a message that the app was damaged. It's about the fourth or fifth time that I experience that.

I'm nog restoring from my backup computer, hence 12.0.5 instead of 12.0.6.

Would it be possible that you leave older updates online?

I'm on Sonoma 14.3.1.

Alas, restoring from the backup computer via a USB stick doesn't work either:


Now I'm facing this problem: I cannot install a new DMG, since this contains 12.0.7.

Where I wrote 12.0.7, this should be 12.0.8.

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