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Alternative for tab character in glossaries

Yesterday evening I had a nice meeting with some interpretors.

Afterwards, I realized that CafeTran Espresso would be very well suited for them, when they are using a small Mac in an interpreter booth.

Interpretors also use their smarthone and pad. I thought that it would be very handy if they could quickly create glossaries on these devices, for use in CafeTran Espresso too. (Exchange would be via OneDrive, iCloud, Google Drive etc.)

I don't know if Android devices offer a TAB key, but the Mac devices iPhone and iPad don't.

Hence my idea: would it be possible to introduce an alternative for the tab character, e.g. the equals sign?

Tip: For interpreters who have to work in the limited space of an interpreting booth and use a small, lightweight computer to do so, CafeTran Espresso is ideally suited: it is fast and deals economically with scarce screen space. Moreover, it also runs on Macbooks (without Parallels!).

And when you use your smartphone or smartpad to compile word lists, you can use them directly in CafeTran Espresso.

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