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Feature request: Enhance rephrase prompt with replacement table

Adding an option to tell GPT to replace the words / phrases in translation that we don't want with those we want, saved in a text file, like a glossary, would be handy.

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I have been testing this idea by writing a longish prompt in the style of replace this with that and at 6 or 7 replacements our "helpful linguist" starts getting confused and makes incorrect replacements. 

Deepl with a glossary uploaded to their server does a better job, but the downside is you need to have a finished glossary and you cannot update it once it is uploaded.

Hello Piotr,

The Translate prompt can tell AI to use the glossary terms that match the current segment terms. Just make sure that you select your glossary in AI Options. For now, the Rephrase prompt does not use the glossary terms (only the Translate prompt). However, you might try swapping (temporarily) Translate and Rephrase prompts in AI Options > Prompts tab.

Yes, that looks like a workaround.  Thanks Igor.

I selected the glossary in the dropdown just to try out CT_L1 translation with glosssary, but the terms are not used. Do i need to shut down CT and start it again?

Please keep trying and observe the AI output. They should be used. ChatGPT may need to 'warm up' a bit. Also, remember that only the matched terms in the current segment are used.

OK. I am aware that only the matched terms will be used, if any.

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