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Correct auto-assembling of brand names, reg trademarks, chemical formulas

Correct auto-assembling of brand names, reg trademarks, product names, chemical formulas with super- or subscript additions, like:

  • Bauer^TM
  • PressureVair
  • COV2
(where ^ and V represent super- and subscript) can be achieved by using hidden non-translatables!!!

For instance, when you have ImageAnalyser^CA^ in your text, you can add these two entries to your non-translatables glossary to have product name auto-assembled correctly:



 (Note that ^ here represent the ^ character!)

This is truly amazing and a great time saver.






  • Less tags
  • Correct automatic assembling
  • Reduced readability
The non-translatables glossary contains these entries:



 Note that you can omit the vertical bar if you set the glossary to regular expressions only.

>Reduced readability

This can be solved by instructing CafeTran Espresso to display the long forms of hidden non-translatables.





I have found that \b2\b is not optimal. I'll try to find a class that represents a word boundary here exactly as  I want it to be. E.g. now a value as '1,2 bar' is represented as '1,tag bar'.

I think that this is a nice (partial) solution:



 Meaning: a '2', that must be a word (= between tags), but is not followed by a space.

So, in the sentence:


This must be done within 2 seconds after ignition.

 The '2' is not matched, whereas it is matched in the examples above :).

These expressions:



 Match: NOx, NO2, SO2 - with all subscript representing tags - but not O-ring or the standalone number '2'.

Well, isn't that nice?

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