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How do I end up with such bizarre results?


"Al giudice" could never have been translated as "criminal" in anything I've done, nor could "delitto" ever have been "Articles".

What do the colours yellow and white mean?

And the initials? Is there are list of these I can study somewhere? Thanks

You can find explanations of the abbrev. here:

Hopefully, you will find the origine of the weird translations. My guess: they are caused by misalignments.

These are so called virtual matches. With this feature, CafeTran checks the occurrences of your terms in the TM segments and tries to "guess" their translation from the surrounding context in the TM segments. The bigger the memory, the more accurate the guess should be. You can control this feature's behaviour via Edit > Preferences > Memory tab > Subsegment to auto threshold value. Try increasing it from the default 7 (e.g to 9).

Thank you, Igor. I've done that. Let's see what happens!

Thank you, alwayslockyourbike. What an effort you made to put that resource together. It's great!

All credit goes to Jean Dimitriadis.

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