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Java error

 Hello, this is the first time I install CafeTran on Windows 10, and when I open it a window pops up (which I have attached a screenshot), showing a series of Java related errors that I can't resolve. I have the latest version of Java installed on my PC, I have also tried uninstalling the program and reinstalling it but the same error comes up and I can't use CafeTran as it won't go past the error screen. Any help is welcome, thanks in advance.

Strange! CafeTran comes with its own embedded Java runtime. Lets wait for Igor.

Hello Adri,

I just tested CafeTran Espresso 12.7 in my virtual machine with Windows 10. It runs fine.




Sorry, it's 12.0.7 instead of 12.7.


This error can come up when the user installs CafeTran in a folder with a limited access (e.g a system folder such as Program Files). Please first try to uninstall and then install the program in another folder (e.g somewhere under your user directory with full permissions).

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