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pattern recognition issue

 I use the patterns feature a lot with texts containing “in Fig. 1”, “from step 2”, “according to claim 1” and many more. It is so helpful and a huge time saver.


At one point however, I noticed that some patterns that used to work, were no longer recognized. Others continued to be recognized. Only recently, I found out that when I close and re-open a project containing unrecognized patterns, Cafetran would suddenly recognize them. Also, sometimes, after closing and reloading a project, Cafetran would recognize pattern X and not pattern Y, and after reloading it again, it would recognize pattern Y and not X.


What is causing this? Would it be possible to address this issue? Thanks in advance.

It is one of those issues that is difficult to confirm on my end and pinpoint the cause. Here are some remarks:

- make sure you keep using the same resources since the term patterns are constructed dynamically based on them.

- regular expressions can cause issues. For example, if you add a new reg. ex. it can break the existing pattern or even block other matches if it is not correct. Regular expressions can be very useful but even the slightest mistake in them can wreak havoc in the whole matching system.

- if two matched term patterns overlap in the current segment, the result may be not consistent.  

Many thanks for your reply and advice, Igor. Happy Holidays!

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