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Repeated hidden non-translatables shown in full form

Repeated hidden non-translatables shown in full form in repetition in target segment editor.


Here the hidden non-translatable is auto-assembled, where it shouldn't:


> {{ }}

You are really trying your best to 'confuse' the program. (-: :-)

Yeah, it's those clients with their funny authoring systems and GUI strings.

Big machines, that build big projects. Interesting stuff. Laser tech, Geo Fenching etc.

It's one big party:


But CafeTran Espresso is my friend.

And thank you very much for making QA for user-defined hidden tags work!!!!

With segments like this, that's no luxury:


BTW: I can see in the MT systems that these bullets are recognized (list items).

It would be nice if CafeTran Espresso could create some preview pane for this (it's of course a Trados project again ;) )

The hiddens aren't treated fair by the MTs:

thus they aren't protected:

correction: they aren't protected by Google Translate only:


Hmm, sometimes the info between curly brackets is omitted, when transferring suggestions from MT, sometimes not.

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