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Translating document with different source languages

I have often Word documents (docx) with different source languages (for ex. German and English) to translate to a target language (for ex. French).

Normally I create two separate source documents (i.e. one per language) and translate them separately to the target language, then copy/paste the translation to one target document (manually).

Is there a way to translate the document with different source languages directly in CafeTran, and if yes, how?

Thanks in advance.

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Currently, you need to create a CafeTran project with one source language only. However, if your source document has two source languages, you might use the CT-L1 Linguist interface to AI, which can provide the translation in two languages. You would need to change to main prompt in CT-L1 Linguist options to tell AI which languages you wish to translate into.


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