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Project in XLIFF 2.1

I would like for Cafetran to be able to generate projects in the XLIFF 2.1 format.


Because I could then batch MT pretranslate them using Deep API (also with a glossary, if I have one) with a Python script.

For scripting access to Deepl API it expects XLIFF 2.1

Now I take a roundaboutish route trhough Okapi Rainbow, where I can generate  a XLIFF 2.0 file, manually change the version attribute to 2.1 - Deepl API accepts the file.

Then I open the XLIFF 2.1 file in Cafetran (it works, so Cafetran already knows the format (wink, wink)), and export the units to a TMX memory.

It is not a lossless process, because Rainbow's segmentation is not the same as Cafetrans.

So, could Cafetran be on the cutting edge of XLIFF, please? ;-)

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