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AI tagging is a nice feature, but you cannot always use it:

  • you have to protect client privacy
  • you don't want AI to interfere with your translation
  • cost of used tokens
Hence the introduction of SmartTagger.

Where F4 lets you insert non-translatables from a smart stack, SmartTagger lets you insert number-unit-tag combos via a keyboard shortcut.

SmartTagger analyses the source segment, identifies number-unit-tag combos that stay identical in the target, places them on a stack and allows the translator to transfer them automatically or manually to the target segment. ST is currently in alpha stage of dev.

Okay guys, here's my first demo of SmartTagger, the world-changing tagging solution.

Note that CafeTran Espresso doesn't know where to insert the tags. Also note that a tag (representing <nbd /> from the authoring system) prevents recognition of the part after "Cu".

Enough waiting, here's the demo:


In this stage I have to select the number-unit-tag combo. But it's quite simple to let CafeTran Espresso make the replacement automatically.

I'll start adding more number-unit-tag combos along the way.

I should also add some actions to transfer everything between brackets from source to target:


12238 words to go: the end is nearing.

I’ll try to create a solution, like the current F4 feature. But it will be for Mac only. The best solution would be an integrated one solution for all users. Everyone who translates technical documentation, created with authoring systems, knows how segments can be overloaded with tags. A solution is needed in times of changes.
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