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CafeTran Espresso cannot start after migration

This morning I used the Migration Assistent to migrate to a new iMac.

Everything went fine, except for CafeTran Espresso!!!


I deleted CafeTran Espresso and unzipped a copy that I made yesterday: same result.

I downloaded and installed a new copy of CafeTran Espresso: now it started and even the license was there.

However, all user files weren't present. Luckily, I had them copied to a safe place.

Long story, short question: when will the backup tool for user files be available?

Forgot to mention that the settings (preferences) are kept too.

However, strange little things happened. E.g. I changed the keyboard shortcut to adjust target segment end. This has changed, I guess to the setting in the DMG. Have to set it back to Alt+Up now.

Update: Alt+up is still listed, but brings the text cursor to the start of the line. Strange. I'll delete it, restart and assign again.

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