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Importing Trados packages

Hi all -- Was very happy to discover CafeTran can open and work with Trados packages, but I was overwhelmed with the variety of import options for the Term Base. Anyone have pointers / or can point me toward more info on how best to ensure a successful import? For example, "Processing Tags" - seems like I want to say, "Yes, import the too," but I am not sure how/where to confirm.

Thanks for help with a vague-ish question!! 


When you import a package, term base is imported automatically. When you import a separate term base, tags are irrelevant and the checkbox doesn’t need to be ticked. If you have access to Windows, I advise getting Glossary Converter. Not sure if it requires Trados. It will create an Excel table that you can process to a clean glossary. Speaking of clean glossaries: I still have to receive the first clean glob from a client. They are always full of errors, inconsistencies and gaps.
Client terminology is totally overrated and that’s why MT or AI are no competition for us pros. We are smarter and can deal with incorrect client glossaries.
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