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This feature will never be added

This feature will never be added, but it would be so handy:

  • Enable display of full tags in Trados projects
  • Allow disabling the tag protection in segments
  • Enable finding and replacing tags in Trados projects
E.g. replace all <nbs /> tags with a normal non-breaking space.

Yep, keep on dreaming, Hans

Hmm, that's not correct. These tags are visible in Trados, but in the sdlxliff they are represented by something like ID="1234".

Still, replacement of these tags in the context of the left and right word would be handy:

Find: 100<x id="\d+"/>mm

Replace with 100•mm

And when you put the file back it Trados it will cry foul because of the missing tag. ;-)

Yes. And the client won't be able to import the xml  in AutorIT.

50K down, still 17K to go

I'm translating other jobs in between, to prevent getting mad.

Sometimes in such situations I take a break and write some small Python script. :-)

Lucky you that you know how to do that.

You can do that too. On youtube there is a fun Python course from Socratica, presented by a lady with a "dry" sense of humour, which I enjoy. :-)

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