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Hi all! 

I have an issue with formatting.

First situation--> the client only has pdf files of the original docs to translate. So, to have the word format CT takes, I convert the PDF files to word format online. The document is rich in graphics and illustrations. The translated word doc I get when I export the doc has not perfect format and in same cases bad one. Also, the client cannot open the word docs when I send them to them.

Follow up--> I want to check if this issue (bad formatting+can't open the end doc in another pc) is a problem of the file type of the source document, so I export a doc I received in word format, that I just started to translate, BUT I get again formatting issues. 

I don't know if it is because I am not over with the translation so it has to get all the formatting info together to give the final result, or it is because cafetran produces an older version of word? When I open the exported document of the last trial, my word program opens it in "compatibility mode".

Please help! 
Thank you!! 

You cannot expect from word document created from PDF to look exactly as the original after translation.

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About the cannot open issue: did you run both checks for tags?
> When I open the exported document of the last trial, my word program opens it in "compatibility mode": that shouldn’t be a problem. I often see that. My guess is that your projects have errors in the tags: missing tags, wrong order or incorrect adjacent characters.

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BTW: When you write ‘doc’, you mean a document, not the old Ms Word file format .doc, don’t you? CafeTran can only handle the newer file format .docx.

Hi Alwayslockyourbike!

Thank you so much for your replies. Finally it proved to be an issue that was resulting only when opening the docx online, but not when downloading them. I figured I had only part of the information. 

Concerning TAGS, one beginner question, shall I place tags according to corresponding place, or to corresponding word? Meaning, reflecting the placing of the tag in the original text, or its placing according to the original word it is next to?

Thanks again for your assistance 

I'd place them near / around the translation of the original word. Not sure what the tags represent ... color?

Thank you for your reply. As far as I understand tags cover part of the formatting of the document.. I will open another topic to further understand their working! 

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