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Cannot see placeholders in CafeTran

Hi all,

I am translating an SDL package and I know from the corresponding  Excel file that the source text contains placeholders such as:





However, I cannot see them on CafeTran, there is a blank space instead.

E.g. source:

"{discount}% off"


" % off".

Is there a way to let the program know I want to see the placeholders?

Thank you!

Maybe those placeholders weren't imported by the creator of the package? There should be some kind of a tag indicating their presence, I guess.

Hi Igor!

I have been told by the creator that placeholders have been converted like this in Trados:


Is there a way to let CafeTran know that any {xxx} content should be shown as is? 

Isn’t the content shown in the grid?

Nope, only a blank space instead of {xxx} parts.

Thus far, the only solution that I can think of is to change the protected tags in Trados to normal text, or, if you dare, directly in the xliff.

Their number seems to be limited.

But it's strange indeed. Did you create a support ticket?

One other possible approach: create a bilingual export document in Trados and translate this one in CafeTran Espresso.

Well no, I haven't created a ticket yet, I was hoping somebody here had successfully solved an issue like this in the past.

Anyway - uh-oh. I think I made a gaffe with this thread. My client told me that the Excel file was converted into an SDL package keeping those tags, and I did not check. But out of curiosity I just opened the sdlxliff source file (using Excel) and couldn't see the {xxx} elements there. That's why I did not see them in the first place in CafeTran... ouch. Next time I will check!

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