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Missing title bar in Gnome (Nobara 38)


Cafetran is great but unfortunately I have a problem. For some reason the program does not show the title bar of the window. In the forum I could not find a solution to this problem. Does anyone have a tip?

I have no problem with other programs, so I suspect Cafetran has the problem. OmegaT and other Java programs also show a title bar.


I use Nobara 38 if this is somehow related. My window manager is Wayland. However, I have the same problem under X11. Also, the program does not behave properly when I try to start full screen mode.

I have attached a few screenshots to illustrate the problem.

No Fullscreen


Fullscreen mode



Thanks in advance!

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Hello Kristin,

The fullscreen option may not work on all Linux distros. Here, testing on Linux Ubuntu, it works fine with the menus disappearing in the fullscreen mode.

Please note that the full set of menus is displayed if you move from the Dashboard to the main translation pane. In the Dashboard view, only the Help menu is displayed as in your first screenshot.   

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