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Issues with user-defined tags

When in the auto-assembling options the insertion of tags has been disabled, user-defined tags will still be inserted via auto-assembling.

When in the Action > Tags menu the hiding of boundary tags has been selected, user-defined tags aren't hidden at the start of a segment.

It would be nice if this could be fixed.

In my understanding, these bullets should be hidden (kept out of the segment). Why doesn't this work?


Same here: why doesn't this work?


I admit, it's a sloppy Ms Word document, but it would be nice if these bullets and full stops would be hidden from the segment. Makes life easier ;).

In this segment the full stop is treated as a user-defined tag, although it is defined as \A\a^ and thus should only be handled as user-defined tag at the beginning of a segment.

Here is the segment without the user-defined tag:


And here it is with the user-defined tag active:


This is not correct.

Probably, those bullets are are encoded as Unicode characters. CafeTran's filters can hide Word bullets encoded in inline tags. 

The \A reg. exp. means the start of input. In CafeTran, it is both the segment start and the fragment start surrounded by formating (red) tags. That's why you can see it right after the formatting tag as well.

Some day I will understand what you are writing :).

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