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ChatGPT 4? Bard?

Hi Igor,

Any plans to support ChatGPT and/or Bard in the Linguist feature?



ChatGPT is already supported.

In version 4.0? I believe it is version 3.5 currently that is supported in Cafetran. Sorry for the confusion, I somehow failed to mention that it is version 4.0 of  ChatGPT that I had in mind.

I read that 4 is hallucinating more

You need to check at your OpenAI account if ChatGPT version 4 is enabled (e.g in OpenAI's Playground). They say it is currently available for those who made at least 1 USD payment. Next, type gpt-4 in CafeTran AI options > Model field. If it produces an error, then you need to wait for its wider availability as it is being introduced gradually. I plan to look into Bard integration with CafeTran in the near future. 

In my opinion, for translation and linguistics related queries, the gpt-3.5-turbo version is already very helpful. I haven't observed any persistent hallucinating or drifting in those fields. Even if it produces an unexpected answer, rephrasing your question usually corrects the initial AI stumble. Being watchful for AI responses is always a good idea.   

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